Christian Service

Christian Service Requirements

Freshmen 25 hours
Sophomores 25 hours
Juniors 25 hours
Seniors 25 hours
Total Required hours100 hours

Over the course of four years:

  • 25 hours MUST be direct service to the poor and vulnerable, i.e., an activity that brings the student into direct contact with the life situation of the poor and vulnerable.

Junior/Senior year(s) immersion:

  • During junior and/or senior years, 15 hours MUST be served at the same site. This may be done all in one year or spread between the two years.


  • All hours must be completed at a non-profit agency, church or school.  No hours to individuals will be accepted.
  • You must SIGN IN at every agency that requires it. This is how they will verify hours. No sign in, no hours.
  • You MUST have the NAME and ADDRESS of the agency as well as the NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS of the Volunteer Coordinator/Supervisor at the place you work.  Do not leave the location without this.
  • Go to your HelperHelper app to record your hours immediately.  You can record from cell phones, laptops, tablets, or computers.  See the email you received or the Bishop Kelley website for directions.


Christian Service Opportunities

Click here for current service opportunities.

Lasallian Service Saturdays

Several times a year, students have the opportunity to earn service hours through Lasallian Service Saturdays. Students depart from Bishop Kelley by bus at 8:00 a.m. to begin work by 9:00 a.m. The group will eat lunch together before returning to Bishop Kelley around 1:00 p.m. A sign-up will be available on the HelperHelper app. Sites include Catholic Charities, Community Food Bank, and Revitalize T-Town. List of Lasallian Service dates TBD For more information, contact Mrs. Jerri Berna.

Mission Trips

Bishop Kelley’s Mission Trip program provides students with a variety of service-based opportunities. Bishop Kelley’s Campus Minister, Mrs. Jerri Berna, coordinates this program. Mission trips are open to all current Bishop Kelley sophomores, juniors and seniors, with the exception of the Summer Mission Trip, which is open only to current sophomores, juniors and seniors (not graduated seniors). Interested students should complete an application, which will be available prior to each trip and located outside Mrs. Berna’s office in the chapel. The first trip of each school year is a weekend-long trip to a rural Oklahoma location (within the Diocese of Tulsa) during the fall. The second trip each year takes place over Spring Break. The third trip takes place during the summer (usually July), and is set in the context of the annual Lasallian Youth Summer Gathering, which occurs in a different city each summer. Each of these mission trips meets the 25-service-hour and reflection requirements for all students who attend.

Spirit of Service Awards

Each year, students receive the Spirit of Service award based on the following criteria: Freshmen 50+ hours; Sophomores 100+ hours; Juniors 150+ hours; and Seniors 200+ hours.

Recording Hours:

-Directions can be found at:

-Hours should be recorded by students using the HelperHelper app.

-Students are encouraged to submit hours as soon as they are completed. In order for a student to receive

     credit for service hours, they must be SERVED, LOGGED and APPROVED by the due dates listed below.

    This is date sensitive, according to the date the service was performed, and hours

     are imported into the Bishop Kelley Server System at the end of each academic quarter. Any hours not 

     meeting the above criteria by the deadline, will not be credited to the student.

 -Deadlines & Due Dates:

   Friday, October 12, 2018: midnight for Summer and 1st Quarter service hours

   Friday, December 21, 2018: midnight for 2nd Quarter service hours 

   Friday, March 28, 2019: midnight for 3rd Quarter service hours

   Friday, May 21, 2019: midnight for 4th Quarter service hours

-Students may begin recording hours for the following school year once school has been dismissed for the summer.

  *Incoming Freshmen must wait until after orientation in August to log hours.  All hours must be logged using the Bishop Kelley email which will be activated during orientation.