Self-Safety Guidance Program for Children & Youth

Bishop Slattery approved the VIRTUS “Touching Safety” Curriculum, Grades K-12, to be implemented in all parishes and schools in September of 2008.

The job of ensuring students’ safety is challenging. Prevention of child sexual abuse requires more than adult awareness, education, and training about the nature and scope of the problem. We must also give our children the tools they need to overcome the advances of someone who intends to do them harm.

The Touching Safety Program Lessons are organized in a three-year cycle for four specific age groups: K-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12. Each of the six themes taught during the three-year cycle is covered in an age-appropriate way. Prior to each lesson, an introductory video lays the groundwork by “breaking the ice” on the sensitive subject of sexual abuse.

This program and each included lesson are founded on the principles of appropriate relationship boundaries in the broader context of Christian values. All lessons help children and young people develop the vocabulary and boundary distinctions necessary to empower them to begin to recognize inappropriate behavior by others. It also helps children and young people develop their own decision-making process to use in these situations.

If you do not wish for your student(s) to take part in this program offered through the Theology Department, you may submit the form below.

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