Cyber Days

The safety of our faculty, staff, and students is the primary factor when making decisions about holding school during inclement weather (aka snow day) and other foreseen circumstances.

Knowing that Bishop Kelley functions as a commuter school (as opposed to a neighborhood school), we have to be realistic about bringing students to campus. Our first preference is to keep school open and conduct a traditional school day. However, when conditions warrant, Bishop Kelley will choose to implement a “Cyber Day.” This will allow students to continue learning without having to travel to campus and without having an impact on the school calendar (meaning...making up missed days that school is cancelled).  

A Cyber Day will be announced by the administration through AP Notiify text/phone system as part of a message noting that the school's campus will be closed (ex. on a snow day). We will additionally note a Cyber Day through our website.

Please review the guidelines below and discuss them with your student. Students should check email, Google Classroom, and Backpack for assignments. Google Classroom can be accessed on your home computer and is also available as an app on both iPhones and Androids. Assignments should be completed by 2 p.m.