Stock Market Gains Can Benefit Bishop Kelley Students

Gains in the stock market, whether recent or long-term, offer an opportunity to many Bishop Kelley High School constituents.  Utilizing appreciated stock provides investors a vehicle to receive tax benefits. Transferring appreciated stock to Bishop Kelley for charitable purposes permits the donor to avoid capital gains taxes as well as receive a deduction on their federal tax return.  Charitable donations of stock gifts coupled with tax savings are a powerful combination.  Stock must be owned for more than one year for investors/donors to avoid capital gains tax.

Below is an example showing how gifts of appreciated stock benefit both the donor and Bishop Kelley compared to a gift of cash from the sale of stock:


Donate stock directly to BKHS         

Donate cash proceeds from stock sale

Current fair market value of securities



Capital Gains Tax



Charitable Contribution Deduction



Value of Charitable Deduction After Capital Gains Taxes Paid



*Example assumes donor is in the 39.6% federal income tax bracket and a has a stock cost basis of $15,000

*BK recommends you consult with your financial advisor before making stock gifts 

If you’re planning to make a gift to a charity or charities this year, Bishop Kelley kindly invites you to consider supporting current and future students with a stock gift.  Gifts can support such things as tuition assistance, the school’s endowments, academic or athletic programs, Fine Arts, Speech and Debate, the Academic Bowl team, professional development opportunities for faculty members, as well as many other areas.

The needs are great and your gift has the power to improve opportunities for many BK students.  Please click here to make a gift of appreciated stock.

To explore gifting opportunities to Bishop Kelley, please contact Director of Philanthropy, Doug Thomas, at 918.609.7115 or