Hall of Fame 2018 Induction Ceremony


Four educators in the Bishop Kelley community were inducted into the Hall of Fame on Sunday, September 16th, 2018. Neta and Tony Lutman, Judith McMasters and Ellen Doyle have been part of the community for many decades and continue to be strong supporters of Bishop Kelley High School and our Lasallian mission. The STC auditorium was filled with both former and currently active members of our community; faculty, administrators, volunteers, former HOF inductees, students and families joined to honor the honorees’ hard work and sacrifices. Please take a look below at the brief biographies of our newest Hall of Fame members!



Neta and Tony Lutman

Neta and Tony Lutman filled numerous roles at Bishop Kelley, enriching our math, IT, and academic bowl programs. Both of these beloved teachers made a huge impact on our school.


Tony began teaching at Bishop Kelley in August of 1991. Tony Lutman was an excellent math teacher here at Bishop Kelley. His students remember him for all the time that he spent tutoring them. Neta began teaching in August of 1992. She was a math teacher, tennis coach and contributed to the academic bowl team. She led the students of one of her Calculus classes to all achieve 5’s on the AP exam, the only time in BK’s history that this has been achieved.


Tony and Neta included their home phone number on class information forms so that students could contact them if they needed help after hours. Both were known to spend lots of time on the phone making sure students understood the solution to whatever mathematical issue they had. They’ve dedicated a combined 33 years of service to the school.



Judith McMasters

As a teacher, speech and debate coach, and now as Academic Vice Principal, Judith McMasters has poured herself into the Bishop Kelley community. Judith was an excellent teacher who excelled in all areas of education. She has always been a staunch supporter of the Lasallian Charism. Always being prepared, bringing her excitement and passion about topics into the classroom, and caring for her students helped her to become a model teacher.


In all her roles here at the school, Judith has truly been amazing.  She sets the bar very high for each of the tasks she takes on and she acts as a role model to each of us.  Her presence has made a tremendous impact on the school community. We could not be more proud to have been the beneficiary of her 26 years of tremendous service to Bishop Kelley.



Ellen Doyle

Ellen made her debut at Bishop Kelley High School in 1994, where she taught Theology until 2012. While teaching here she made a great impact on her students. To this day there is hardly a place she can go around town where she doesn’t encounter an enthusiastic former student asking how she is and reminding her that she was their favorite teacher.


Ellen took her passion and involvement outside of the classroom as well. She went to games and retreats. Working at Bishop Kelley was more to her than a job, it was part of her ministry. She continues to be an active part of our community by subbing “ad infinitum”.




These four educators have dedicated a combined 77 years to the students of Bishop Kelley, and this number will only continue to grow!