Aftermath of the Tornado at Bishop Kelley

Local and national news organizations have been reporting on the aftermath of three tornadoes that hit the Tulsa area a week ago. An EF-2 impacted Bishop Kelley and the surrounding area along 41st street from Sheridan to Yale early Sunday morning, August 6th.

Stock Market Gains Can Benefit Bishop Kelley Students

Gains in the stock market, whether recent or long-term, offer an opportunity to many Bishop Kelley High School constituents.  Utilizing appreciated stock provides investors a vehicle to receive tax benefits in 2017.  Transferring appreciated stock to Bishop Kelley for charitable purposes permits the donor to avoid capital gains taxes as well as receive a deduction on their federal tax return. 

The Dill Family Motto: Pay It Forward

In the recent 2015-16 Annual Report, Mike and Shelley Dill talk about their generosity to the school where their two daughters graduated.

Alumni Update