Speech and Debate Wins Regionals

The Bishop Kelley High School Speech and Debate team won the sweepstakes at the 2019 5A Regional Tournament.


In the past decade, the team has taken home multiple regional and state titles. In the 2017-2018 season, the team sent seven students to the national tournament in 2018. “Going to the national tournament was an amazing experience,” reflected Zack Lissau, a senior who attended nationals last year. “The hard work and preparation that was put into that tournament was the same hard work that we put into regionals this year.” When asked if he was ready for this year’s state competition, he replied, “we have a taste for victory and we’re hungry for more!”

The results of the regional tournament are listed below.

Policy Debate

Cat Lynch & Aurora Bagley, 3rd Place


Public Forum Debate

Jordan Bachman & Zack Lissau, 2nd Place

Ellie Spielmann & Maddie Gomez, 3rd Place


Lincoln Douglas Debate

Lauren Rocco - 3rd Place

Other State Qualifiers

Ava Olmedo

Emma Williams

Shelby Flahive (1st Alt.)


Foreign Extemp

Jordan Bachman - 2nd Place

Other State Qualifiers

Aurora Bagley

Miles Ballard (1st Alt.)


Domestic Extemp

Shelby Flahive - 3rd Place

Ava Olmedo - 7th Place

Zack Lissau - 8th Place

Other State Qualifiers

Jackson Kaiser

Emma Williams

Andrew Hennessee (1st Alt.)


Dramatic Duet

State Qualifiers

Alex Hsieh & Jack Grewe



Josh Asombrado - 2nd Place

Ava Olmedo - 4th Place

Other State Qualifiers

Jorja Ford

Presley Reed

Cat Lynch


Standard Oratory

Abby Morey - 2nd Place

Other State Qualifiers

Tristan Jones

Maggie Turner

Riley Alexander

Angel Underwood (1st Alt.)

Brenna Stockton (2nd Alt.)


Humorous Interp

State Qualifiers

Marian Nguyen

Luke Fravel


Dramatic Interp

Ellie Arnold - 4th Place

Other State Qualifiers

Maggie Turner

Angel Underwood

Lauren Rocco (2nd Alt.)



State Qualifiers

Ellie Arnold (2nd Alt.)



Tristan Jones - Regional Champ

Ellie Arnold - 4th Place

Other State Qualifiers

Maddie Gomez

Aurora Bagley

Maggie Turner

Abbey Morey

Angel Underwood (2nd Alt.)

Jackson Kaiser (3rd Alt.)

Cate Collier (4th Alt.)



Jordan Bachman - 3rd Place

Other State Qualifiers

Brian Limekiller

Rebecca Vandiver

Alex Hsieh

Marian Nguyen (1st Alt.)

Caroline Godfrey (2nd Alt.)

Ben Sanders (4th Alt.)


Humorous Duet

Michael Hanisch & Carson Been, 4th Place

Other State Qualifiers

Tristan Jones & Lauren Rocco

Thomas Edmonds & Alex Hsieh (2nd Alt.)

Rebecca Vandiver & Allie Lichtenberger (3rd Alt.)