Honor Roll

The Honor Roll is used to acknowledge students who have done outstanding work in their classes. The Honor Roll is determined by grade point average using weighted (5.0 scale) grades.  "A" Honor Roll = 4.00 or above; "B" Honor roll = 3.00-3.999.  Honor Rolls are published at the end of each Quarter and based ONLY on final quarter grades.  An "F" in any class makes a student ineligible for the Honor Roll.

2016-2017 Honor Roll

2016-2017 First Quarter Honor Roll

2016-2017 Second Quarter Honor Roll.pdf

2015-2016 Honor Roll

HnrRolA&B-Q1-15 16.pdf

HnrRolA&B-Q2-15 16.pdf

HnrRolA&B-Q3-15 16.pdf