Brother Bernardine Scholars

Students must pursue a rigorous course of study, participate in extracurricular activities, engage in self-directed learning, view learning as a year-round process, and attend enrichment seminars and cultural events. The Capstone Scholar Project, part of the Brother Bernardine Scholars Program, gives students the opportunity to explore an area of their choosing with a mentor teacher, culminating in a product of their choosing and a presentation to faculty, family, fellow scholars, and friends. Students in the Brother Bernardine Scholars Program enjoy these benefits:

  • Development of an individualized four-year plan of study in consultation with the Academic Dean.
  • Demanding academic requirements that prepare the scholar to succeed in the most challenging institutions of higher education.
  • Unique enrichment opportunities not generally available to other students.
  • Summer enrichment and standardized test-prep opportunities.
  • Support of a peer group committed to similar goals of personal excellence and intellectual growth.
  • A mentor teacher chosen by the scholar (in consultation with the program director) to provide guidance and counsel for the Capstone Scholar Project.
  • Designation as a Brother Bernardine Scholar at commencement and identification of the program and its requirements on all college applications.

Brother Bernardine Scholars Program 
Application Instructions

Please submit the following documents:

1. Transcript of grades from current school if attending public school. *If attending a Diocesan feeder school (All Saints, Holy Family, Marquette, Monte Cassino, School of St. Mary, St. Catherine, St. John, St. Joseph, St. Pius X, or Sts. Peter & Paul), the Bishop Kelley Admissions Department will request the necessary transcript. 

2. Brother Bernardine Supplemental Questions 

3. Brother Bernardine Teacher Recommendation Form (1 for math, 1 for science, 1 for english)

4. Items 2 and 3 are due by January 10, 2017. We strictly follow this deadline. 

 ***We invite all students to apply to this exciting program. Students scoring in the top 10% of the placement test will receive an invitation.***  All interested incoming 9th-grade students are invited to apply.

All applications submitted by the deadline will be reviewed by the selection committee. Top applicants interviews will be conducted during the month of January 2017. The announcement of the Brother B Scholars Class of 2021 will be made by late January 2017. 


Brother Bernardine Alumni

The Brother Bernardine Scholars Class of 2014 featured 17 scholars who:

  • Achieved an average ACT composite score of 31.0
  • Received a total of more than $4.5 million in academic awards/scholarships for their freshman year in college

Acceptances for Brother Bernardine Scholars include Baylor, Boston College, Columbia, Creighton, DePauw, Emory, George Washington, Georgetown, Holy Cross, Knox College, Marquette, Notre Dame, Penn, Rhodes, Rice, Seton Hall, Stanford, St. Louis University, Texas Christian University, Trinity, UCLA, University of Southern California, University of Dallas, University of Miami, University of North Carolina, University of Tulsa, Vanderbilt, Villanova, Washington University, Washington and Lee, West Point, Yale, and honor programs at many state universities.