Professional Benefits

  1. Twelve Month Salary Plan.
  2. Salary Scale: An established salary scale exists which is approved by the President and the Advisory Council on an annual basis. Teachers are placed on the scale according to years of experience and educational advancement. The salary schedule is competitive within the city and state.
  3. Group Life Insurance and Disability Insurance coverage are paid by the school.
  4. Retirement Program: Contribution by the school into a pension program and an additional 401K program is available; he/she is vested after 4 years 9 months; plan is through the Christian Brothers Employment Retirement Plan.
  5. Health Insurance: A teacher may opt to participate in the school's health insurance program that provides Medical, Prescription, Dental and Vision benefits.
  6. Pre-Tax Cafeteria Plan: A teacher may opt to have medical and/or child care bills paid for from an account which is funded from the teacher's monthly salary prior to taxes. The program meets all federal guidelines.
  7. Staff Development: Teachers have an opportunity (and are encouraged) to attend local, regional and national professional conventions/workshops. Expenses are either partially or entirely covered.
  8. Educational Fund: A fund exists which partially reimburses a teacher's graduate work for higher degrees or for expanding one's certification or for updating oneself in new content/techniques in the teaching field(s) of the teacher.
  9. Sick/Personal Days: Each teacher is allowed 10 days each year with pay. Unused sick leave may accumulate up to 60 days.
  10. Sabbatical: A teacher may propose an unpaid sabbatical after teaching for seven years at Bishop Kelley.
  11. Academic Environment: Bishop Kelley has a strong academic program and expects all students to be challenged at their appropriate levels. Annually, over 98% of our students matriculate to two or four year colleges. ACT and SAT test scores are above the state and national averages. Teachers are provided considerable academic freedom in their styles of teaching.
  12. Values and Community: Bishop Kelley believes strongly in teaching and modeling Christian values that are important for adult life. We take a stand on value-laden issues. The Kelley community supports our efforts through strong parental involvement, alumni support, and an endowment fund.
  13. Commitment: We are committed to excellence in both the education of our students and also the personal and professional growth of our teachers.

It is important that prospective employees understand up front what it means to teach in a Catholic school. Employees will additionally be orientated to the Lasallian educational charism. One must be open and understanding of these two central dimensions of this educational community before pursuing an employment opportunity at Bishop Kelley High School.