Reporting Hours

Directions for using new Service Hours Recording app, HelperHelper.

Link to a flyer containing info:


Instructions for setting up your HelpHelper account.

  1. On your cell phone, install the app HelperHelper.

  2. Upon entering your e-mail address, click below “Need a password for the first time?”

  3. You will receive a temporary password via your Bishop Kelley e-mail address.

  4. Retrieve your temporary password from your e-mail and you will have the opportunity to create a new password.

  5. You are now ready to log hours!

    • On the Menu, click “Add a past commitment”.

    • Enter date

    • Then the name of the Organization. Some commonly used entries will appear in the dropdown menu. If it does not appear, please use proper spelling and capitalization to enter your Organization. Example: Catholic Charities.

    • Under what you did? You can put the task you worked on. Example: Food Pantry

    • Category of Need: all hours are either Christian Service hours or Poor hours. Please denote which here.

    • You will then enter Start Time, Date and Duration of Service.

    • You will then list the First and Last Name of the Coordinator who can validate your attendance.

    • Then you will need the Coordinator E-mail (no e-mail for verification will be sent without the e-mail address)

    • You also may list the Phone Number although it is not necessary.

    • You may also include a Message to the coordinator if you would like.

    • Finally, hit Submit Commitment.

  6. Students are responsible for not only logging hours, but for checking their app/account to see that hours are Validated.

    • If hours are not being Validated, the student should seek to contact the Coordinator to investigate why the Validation of hours has not occurred.
  7. IMPORTANT: ALL HOURS MUST BE LOGGED AND VALIDATED WITHIN THE ACADEMIC QUARTER THEY WERE SERVED. (All summer hours are applied to the 1st Academic Quarter.) At the end of each quarter, all Unvalidated hours will be removed from the system and all Validated hours will be imported into the student’s report card.


Some commonly used Organizations and the E-mail addresses associated with those Organizations:

Bishop Kelley Campus Ministry, Jerri Berna,

Catholic Charities, Kelly Cassidy,

CTK MIssions, Jeff Scardino,

Food Bank, Teressia Kehr,

Little Lighthouse, Maddie Owens,

Night Light, Sarah Grounds,

Night of 1000 PB & J’s, Jerri Berna,

Rescued N Ready, Amy Hoagland,