Kiss Your Mom Goodbye 2019

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“Kiss Your Mom Goodbye” has been a Bishop Kelley staple since 2001. Every year, the senior class welcomes incoming freshmen, urging them to kiss their mom or dad goodbye before their first day of school. It rained this year, so “Kiss Your Mom Goodbye” was postponed a day. Everyone still acted as though today was the first day with great enthusiasm and energy.


“Seniors look forward to it every year,” says Father Gary Kastl, President of Bishop Kelley. “The freshman parents might be even more excited about it than the incoming freshmen.”


With homemade signs and lots of cheering, seniors swarm around the U drive and in between cars to make every new student kiss their parents. The mortified freshmen are quick to kiss their parents and speed away, but each and every one eagerly looks forward to being among the chanters three years later.


Until 19 years ago, the senior class drew chalk drawings and messages on the sidewalk and U Drive about how great the senior class was. Mr. Oberste, the Dean of Student Activities, suggested a more positive and welcoming tradition. Seniors made signs, brought balloons, and cheered for the incoming freshmen. And one senior carried the infamous “Kiss Your Mom Goodbye” sign that quickly became tradition.


Now, seniors and freshmen alike look forward to “Kiss Your Mom Goodbye”. Sam Alaback, Secretary of Publicity for STUCO, waited in the Panera parking lot until the seniors were ready so he could be the first student to kiss his mom goodbye.


“It all came full circle, freshman to senior year. I was really excited to welcome little links [from Link Crew Freshman Orientation] and the freshmen on the cross country team,” says senior Sam Alaback.


Former Bishop Kelley teacher and new librarian Katie Abhoud dropped off her first freshman this year. 


“I have always loved the tradition of Kiss Your Mom Goodbye but this year was especially meaningful,” says Mrs. Abhoud. “I got a little teary actually because I am so thrilled that my daughter gets to attend a school like Bishop Kelley.”


“It was also special for me personally as a teacher and librarian to see all the senior faces, all the kids I have taught since their freshman year.”


“Kiss Your Mom Goodbye” is a beloved and highly anticipated tradition to begin every new school year at Bishop Kelley.