BK Senior Marc LaManque's Remarks at the 2016 Senior Mass of Thanksgiving

At the end of the annual Senior Mass of Thanksgiving, a parent of a graduating senior is chosen to speak about their experience with Bishop Kelley High School.  Here are Marc LaManque's '16 remarks from April 19th, 2016.

Good morning,

 “I think the Bishop Kelley community is one of the best, not just in our state but in the entire country.  Whether it be on retreats, rallying together after the death of a loved one, or assembling at a sporting event,  we are always there for one another.  I think that as a community we see the best of every situation no matter how good or bad.  I think as a community we strive to be examples for those around us. I am blessed to be a part of this community.” - Ian Draughon

 “I have an Irish cross on my desk that says “Luck of the Irish” and I have to say, that when it comes to the class of 2016, that sums up how I feel.  I have been very lucky and very blessed to have met so many wonderful kids this year, whose success in the future knows no bounds.  In the Gospel of John it says, “Then he led them out as far as Bethany, raised his hands and blessed them.”  May God always travel in your hearts no matter how far you travel!” - Mrs. Bender

 "If you ask anyone that knows me, they'll tell you that I spend more time at Bishop Kelley than I do at my own house, and that's not because I have a particular love for learning. It is because of the people here, and the support and love that you receive from them. Everything is fun here, and the people are kind. Once a comet, always a comet." - Genevieve Dower

 "You all are a very special group! You've been an excellent example to the younger students, you've built friendships that will last a lifetime, and, most importantly, you've helped the school grow spiritually. I am grateful to God for each of you and look forward to your very bright futures." - Father O’Brien

 “The class of 2016 inspires me, they have taught me true compassion and love, and I know that most high schools anywhere else couldn't say that. I am so lucky to have been able to attend Bishop Kelley. I have learned who I am through teachers that are caring and compassionate, and students who have always had an inclusive attitude toward everyone. Bishop Kelley is a community that I will always be a part of.” - Aubrey Hughes

August 13th, 2012, Most of us here stepped foot on the U for the first time as a Bishop Kelley Comet.  The seniors had us surrounded, and we all knew there was no escaping until we planted a big kiss on our mom or dad. Some of us were embarrassed beyond belief. Others soaked every second of the attention. Some even rolled up in a BK golf cart so their mom could ride back to her classroom in the STC once their son passed the test. I can remember thinking how old and awesome as those seniors were. They were so smooth and mature. They had it all together. I mean, how could we ever go from spilling a cup of water all over the floor of an upperclassmen filled speech class and being forced to clean it on your hands and knees with Kleenex because the main building was out of paper towels to being the cool and confident seniors that surrounded us in that moment. Just for the record, I am definitely NOT speaking from personal experience on that one…

Over the past year I had an incredible opportunity to work with teachers and students from many schools in Oklahoma. There is no question that Bishop Kelley is the best high school in the state. There isn’t even a close comparison, and it's because Bishop Kelley is not just a high school. It's not just a college prep school. Bishop Kelley is a Life Preparatory school. Bishop Kelley is the school where football players join the musical. Where nearly every student finds their niche, whether it's in sports, music, art, leadership, or even video games club. BK is the school where seniors not only respect and take care of the underclassmen, they mentor them. Where our biggest problem is if we are wearing the right kind of outerwear or not. Where teachers get to school early, stay late, and work with students on far more than just academics, and thank God for the opportunity. Bishop Kelley produces top tier students ready to take on whatever life has in store for them. And whether you understand this now or not, I believe some day you will be incredibly grateful for your time here. And since this is the mass of thanksgiving, be sure to thank your parents for the sacrifices they have made to send you to this awesome school.

The shy freshman that first kissed their mom goodbye and opened the door into the busy halls of BK High has transformed into a bold, educated, spiritual, and experienced senior that will close that same door for the last time in just 21 school days. We have made our best friends yet, discovered our passions, failed our first tests, transitioned from snow days to cyber days, suffered the loss a classmate and teacher, beat McGuiness, gone geothermal, attended retreats, and stayed up all night, all while growing in our faith and creating our own personal legacies with each new grade that came below us. Throughout all of this we have learned and grown into the seniors that we so admired when we first kissed our moms goodbye. Back then our future at BK seemed like it would last forever. We thought we would never run out of chicken day's or football games, and Senior prom seemed light years away. That once immeasurable future will soon be our past. But it's a past that we can stand on to reach for new heights and better our world. It's because of where we have come from that our new future is now more promising than ever.

So for this and so much more, I am grateful to Bishop Kelley High School, and I hope you are as well. Once a Comet, always a Comet.