Bishop Kelley Baseball Team Helps Family Of Coach Hit By Tornado

On Friday, April 1, The Bishop Kelley baseball team didn't practice after school. They instead headed up to Claremore to assist with cleanup for the grandparents of one of the players whose home was heavily damaged by Wednesday's tornado.  Below is the video and story from Channel 6 about their cleanup efforts.




Coach Mark Redman said, "My wife was born and raised here; and when we turned this corner the other night she broke down in tears."

Redman is doing what he can to clear the place, and he's getting a little help from his team and fellow coaches.

"I think this is the first time any of them have ever seen or been close up after a tornado, and it just…how the bus got quiet and everyone says ‘Oh my goodness. How do people survive that,’” head coach Brian Begnel said.

When the rest of the staff, team and school found out about the damage, they immediately jumped on board to help out - carrying out furniture and picking up fallen bricks and doing whatever else was needed.

Redman said, "It's just the epitome of team spirit. And having the team pulling together not only on the field but off the field in a crisis, and it means a lot to me as a coach."

The family said the house was damage so badly there's no repairing it. They'll have to tear it down and build again.

For now they are trying to salvage what they can.