All 2017 BK National Merit Finalists Win Scholarships

Eight of the nine Bishop Kelley National Merit finalists are winners of college-sponsored scholarships. They are eight of only 46 Tulsa-area finalists whose universities are honoring their scholarship. The students are as follows:


Joseph Mellor (University of Tulsa)
Joshua Gottes (University of Dallas)
Beth Keaney (Oklahoma State University)
Andres Gonzalez (OU)
Anna Hanisch (OSU)
Jacob Liechti (TU)
Jacob Regan (TU)
Elizabeth Whelan (Southern Methodist University)


The ninth finalist, Gianna Busch, was one of five Tulsa-area National Merit finalists to win a corporate-sponsored scholarship.


Congratulations to all of our 2017 National Merit scholarship winners!